Access doors are structural elements used to grant access to small spaces or compartments. Access doors are often classified based on where they are installed. Besides the functional reasons, access doors are also mounted to improve the general aesthetics. There, there are many types of access doors each serving’s unique needs and expectations. Here are some of the main types of access doors and the features that make them unique.

General Purpose Access Doors

General purposes access doors are often installed on walls or ceilings. They are designed to serve general but essential purposes like concealing high-security items or specific fire codes. Ideally, they might be used in areas that require considerable safety, but they are often found lacking when it comes to meeting particular safety standards.

Fire Rated Access Doors

Fire rated access doors are specifically designed to meet set safety standards. Spaces left on the walls or ceiling often pose some additional risks in case of a fire. As such, a fire rated access door serves to neutralize the additional threat posed by open spaces just in case there is a fire. Some types of fire rated access doors include swinging doors, self-latching, automatically closing doors, manual panel release and many other designs.

Exterior Access Doors

Most access doors varieties are installed indoors. However, considering that some elements embedded on the walls must be accessed from the outside. Having an access door on those opening serves to ensure that those elements and the building is safe from destructive weather elements. Besides keeping the home secure, exterior access are made from special materials that resist rusting, warping, and wear and tear.

Flush Access Doors

access pannel Most access door panels can be classified as flash access doors and panels depending on how well the close. Flash access doors are a particular type of access doors that are made to perfectly complement flush surfaces. These doors are made from plastic and steel for durability and resistance to corrosion. Like most flush access panels, a variety like DW 5040 is highly preferred for its concealed hinge and multiple bends that make it incredibly stable.

Access doors are common fixtures in both residential and commercial buildings. However, these special doors often come in different sizes, finishes, and designs. Thus, it is imperative to define your needs and pick a door that meets those specific purposes.